Difference between Audi A4 and A5

Main Difference The 2015 Audi A4 2.0T Premium Plus has a big size than the 2015 Audi A5 2.0T Premium Plus Quattro. The exterior dimensions of the Audi A4‘s are 185.1-inch length with 71.9-inch width and 56.2-inch height. In contrast, the Audi A5’s exterior dimensions are 182.1-inch length, 73-inch width, and a 54-inch height. The […]

Difference between ASPCA and SPCA

Main Difference These two organizations are closely related to each other since they perform the same task and have the same purpose for which they have been founded but the main difference between them lies in the name and the structure. Therefore, ASPCA is the short form of the leading organization which is called American […]

Difference between ASP and PHP

Main Difference ASP and PHP are two development technologies used in web development particularly for generating dynamic web pages. Among various web languages these two are most popular web development and programming languages and used for the development of database driven websites. The purpose of this article is to critically analysis the both technologies and […]

Difference between Jeans and Denim

Main Difference The main difference between the two terms is very simple, jeans are actually the primary product which is obtained after all the processes are completed, and people can wear it as a dress. On the other hand, Denim is the raw material which is used to make jeans and is available in different […]

Difference between Trade Discount and Cash Discount

Main Difference  Trade Discount gets defined as the type of sale given on the actual price of an item and agreed between the wholesaler and the buyer. Whereas, Cash Discount gets described as the kind of deal given on the actual price of an item and ranges between the wholesaler, the seller, and the customer. […]

Difference between Artery and Vein

Main Difference The main difference between artery and vein lies in their relationship to the heart. Arteries carry blood away from the heart into the periphery and that is why the pressure of blood in arteries is high. While on the other side, veins carry blood towards the heart. Artery An artery carries blood away […]

Difference between Constructor and Destructor

Main Difference A constructor gets defined as the exclusive method used for a structure or class in the programming languages that help to give an initial value to the item of the same type. On the flipside, a destructor gets defined as an exclusive method used for the destruction of a program that runs continuously. […]

Difference between Accelerators and Incubators

Main Difference The main difference between these two type of professional training accelerators and incubators is that accelerators are about the growth of an existing company while incubators stand for building out a business model and company. Comparison Chart Basis of Distinction Accelerators Incubators Definition Accelerator is a place for existing business that helps them […]

Difference between Art and Design

Main Difference The difference between art and design has long been a running debate. Some people says that design is an art form and others disagree with this. Artists and designers both generate visual compositions using a shared knowledge base, but their motives for doing so are completely different. Apparently, there is a fine line […]

Difference between ArrayList and Vector in Java

Main Difference ArrayList is non-synchronized which implies various strings can take a shot at ArrayList in the meantime. For e.g. in the event that one string is performing an include operation ArrayList, there can be another string performing expel operation on ArrayList in the meantime in a multithreaded domain while Vector is synchronized. This implies […]