Careful vs. Carefull

By Jaxson

  • Careful (adjective)

    Taking care; attentive to potential danger, error or harm; cautious.

    “He was a slow and careful driver.”

  • Careful (adjective)

    Conscientious and painstaking; meticulous.

    “They made a careful search of the crime scene.”

  • Careful (adjective)

    Full of care or grief; sorrowful, sad.

  • Careful (adjective)

    Full of cares or anxiety; worried, troubled.

  • Carefull (adjective)

    obsolete spelling of careful

  • Careful (adjective)

    making sure of avoiding potential danger, mishap, or harm; cautious

    “be careful not to lose her address”

    “I begged him to be more careful”

  • Careful (adjective)

    anxious to protect (something) from harm or loss; solicitous

    “he was very careful of his reputation”

  • Careful (adjective)

    prudent in the use of something, especially money

    “his mother had always been careful with money”

  • Careful (adjective)

    done with or showing thought and attention

    “a careful consideration of the facts”

Oxford Dictionary

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