Canister vs. Cannister

By Jaxson

  • Canister (noun)

    A cylindrical or rectangular container usually of lightweight metal, plastic, or laminated pasteboard used for holding a dry product (as tea, crackers, flour, matches).

  • Canister (noun)

    Any of various cylindrical metal receptacles usually with a removable close-fitting top.

  • Canister (noun)

    A special short range antipersonnel projectile consisting of a casing of light metal, loaded with preformed submissiles such as flechettes or steel balls. The casing is designed to open just beyond the muzzle of the weapon, dispersing the submissiles.

  • Canister (noun)

    A component of canister type protective mask containing a mechanical filter and chemical filling to filter, neutralize and/or absorb toxic chemical, biological and radiological agents.

  • Canister (noun)

    A projectile component containing colored or screening smoke or riot control agent composition.

  • Canister (verb)

    To pack into a canister.

  • Cannister (noun)

    obsolete form of canister

  • Canister (noun)

    a round or cylindrical container used for storing such things as food, chemicals, or rolls of film.

  • Canister (noun)

    a cylinder of pressurized gas, typically one that explodes when thrown or fired from a gun

    “riot police fired tear-gas canisters into the crowd”

  • Canister (noun)

    small bullets packed in cases that fit the bore of a gun

    “another deadly volley of canister”

Oxford Dictionary

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