Calyx vs. Corolla

By Jaxson

  • Calyx (noun)

    The outermost whorl of flower parts, comprising the sepals, which covers and protects the petals as they develop.


  • Calyx (noun)

    Any of various cup-like structures.

  • Calyx (noun)

    A chamber in the mammalian kidney through which urine passes.

  • Calyx (noun)

    The crown containing the viscera of crinoids and similar echinoderms, entoprocts, and the polyps of some cnidarians.

  • Calyx (noun)

    A funnel-shaped expansion of the vas deferens or oviduct of insects.

  • Corolla (noun)

    An outermost-but-one whorl of a flower, composed of petals, when it is not the same in appearance as the outermost whorl (the calyx); it usually comprises the petal, which may be fused.


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