Bushy vs. Mushy

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Bushy and Mushy is that the Bushy is a covered with bush or bushes and Mushy is a something soft and pulpy or its can be referred as being excessively sentimental with someone.

  • Bushy (adjective)

    Like a bush in having many widely spread branches.

    “the bushy tail of a squirrel”

  • Bushy (adjective)

    Growing thickly.

  • Bushy (adjective)

    (Racial slur) Derogatory word used to refer to [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discrimination_based_on_hair_texture#Derogatory_words_used_to_describe_Afro_Textured_Hair Afro-textured Hair].

  • Mushy (adjective)

    Resembling or having the consistency of mush; semiliquid, pasty, or granular.

    “I don’t especially like mushy oatmeal.”

  • Mushy (adjective)

    Soft; squishy.

    “The brake pedal is mushy sometimes when I step on it.”

  • Mushy (adjective)

    Overly sappy, corny, or cheesy; maudlin.

    “Skip the mushy, romantic scenes and get to the action.”


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