Brasier vs. Brazier

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Brasier and Brazier is that the Brasier is a 1905-1926 automotive brand manufacturer and Brazier is a container for hot coals

  • Brasier

    Brasier was a French automobile manufacturer, based in the Paris conurbation, and active between 1905 and 1930. The firm began as Richard-Brasier in 1902, and became known as Chaigneau-Brasier in 1926.

  • Brazier

    A brazier () is a container for fuel-burning, often taking the form of a with-feet or hanging metal bowl or box, a synonym is an “open furnace”. Used for burning solid fuel, usually charcoal. Any elevation means slightly more oxygenation from wind and less conduction by the air gap made below (than soils) and may enable movement of the fire; they may be used for cooking and cultural rituals. They have been recovered from many early archaeological sites like the Nimrud brazier, in 2003 excavated by the Iraqi National Museum, which dates to at least 824 BC.

  • Brazier (noun)

    An upright standing or hanging metal bowl used for holding burning coal for a source of light or heat.

  • Brazier (noun)

    A worker in brass.


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