Boose vs. Booze

By Jaxson

  • Boose

    Boose is a surname. Notable people by that name include:

    James Rufus Boosé (1859–1936) travelling commissioner for the Royal Colonial Institute.

    Dorian Boose (1974–2016), American football player.

    Terry Boose (born 1956), Republican member of the Ohio House of Representatives.

  • Boose (noun)

    A stall for an animal (usually a cow).

  • Boose (noun)

    alternative spelling of booze

  • Boose (verb)

    alternative spelling of booze

  • Booze (noun)

    Any alcoholic beverage.

  • Booze (noun)

    A session of drinking alcohol; a drinking party.

  • Booze (verb)

    To drink alcohol.

    “We were out all night boozing until we dragged ourselves home hung over.”

  • Booze (noun)

    alcoholic drink

    “I wonder where he’s hidden his booze”

  • Booze (verb)

    drink alcohol, especially in large quantities

    “I expect he’s boozing”

    “Michael is trying to quit boozing”

Oxford Dictionary

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