Boor vs. Lund

By Jaxson

  • Lund

    Lund (, also US: LU(U)ND, Swedish: [ˈlɵnːd] (listen)) is a city in the southern Swedish province of Scania, across the Øresund from Copenhagen. The town had 91,940 inhabitants out of a municipal total of 121,510 as of 2018. It is the seat of Lund Municipality, Skåne County.

    Archeologists date the foundation of Lund to around 990, when Scania was part of Denmark. From 1103 it was the seat of the Catholic Metropolitan Archdiocese of Lund, and the towering Lund Cathedral, built circa 1090–1145, still stands at the centre of the town. Denmark ceded the city to Sweden in the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658, and its status as part of Sweden was formalised in 1720.

    Lund University, established in 1666, is today one of Scandinavia’s oldest and largest institutions for education and research. The university and its buildings dominate much of the centre of the city, and have led to Lund becoming a centre for high-tech industry in the south of Sweden.

  • Boor (noun)

    A peasant.

  • Boor (noun)

    A Boer, white South African of Dutch or Huguenot descent.

  • Boor (noun)

    A yokel, country bumpkin.

  • Boor (noun)

    An uncultured person.

  • Boor (noun)

    a rough and bad-mannered person

    “at last the big obnoxious boor had been dealt a stunning blow for his uncouth and belligerent manner”

Oxford Dictionary

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