Benediction vs. Invocation

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Benediction and Invocation is that the Benediction is a short invocation for divine help, blessing and guidance and Invocation is a A gift

  • Benediction

    A benediction (Latin: bene, well + dicere, to speak) is a short invocation for divine help, blessing and guidance, usually at the end of worship service. It can also refer to a specific Christian religious service including the exposition of the eucharistic host in the monstrance and the blessing of the people with it.

  • Invocation

    An invocation (from the Latin verb invocare “to call on, invoke, to give”) may take the form of:

    Supplication, prayer or spell.

    A form of possession.

    Command or conjuration.

    Self-identification with certain spirits.These forms are described below, but are not mutually exclusive.

    See also Theurgy.

  • Benediction (noun)

    A short invocation for help, blessing and guidance from God, said on behalf of another person or persons (sometimes at the end of a church worship service).

    “to pronounce / give / say the benediction; the nuptial benediction; a parting benediction”


  • Benediction (noun)

    In the Anglican church, the ceremony used to institute an abbot, analogous to the consecration of a bishop.

  • Benediction (noun)

    A Roman Catholic rite by which bells, banners, candles, etc., are blessed with holy water and formally dedicated to God.

  • Benediction (noun)

    Help, good fortune or reward from God or another supernatural source.


  • Invocation (noun)

    The act or form of calling for the superior being, especially offered to a divine being.

  • Invocation (noun)

    A call or demand, or order.

    “the invocation of papers or evidence into court”

  • Invocation (noun)

    An act of invoking or claiming a right.

  • Invocation (noun)

    The act of invoking something, such as a function call.


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