Belabor vs. Belabour

By Jaxson

  • Belabor (verb)

    alternative spelling of belabour|from=American spelling- see that for meaning and usage discussion.

  • Belabour (verb)

    To labour about; labour over; work hard upon; ply diligently.

  • Belabour (verb)

    To beat soundly; thump; beat someone.

  • Belabour (verb)

    To attack someone verbally.

  • Belabour (verb)

    To discuss something repeatedly; to harp on.

  • Belabour (verb)

    attack (someone) physically or verbally

    “Bernard was belabouring Jed with his fists”

  • Belabour (verb)

    argue or discuss (a subject) in excessive detail

    “there is no need to belabour the point”

Oxford Dictionary

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