Behest vs. Bequest

By Jaxson

  • Bequest

    A bequest is property given by will. Historically, the term bequest was used for personal property given by will and deviser for real property. Today, the two words are used interchangeably.

    The word bequeath is a verb form for the act of making a bequest.

  • Behest (noun)

    A command, bidding; sometimes also, an authoritative request; now usually in the phrase at the behest of. from 12th c.

  • Behest (noun)

    A vow; a promise.

  • Behest (verb)

    To promise; vow.

  • Bequest (noun)

    The act of bequeathing or leaving by will.

  • Bequest (noun)

    The transfer of property upon the owner’s death according to the will of the deceased.

  • Bequest (noun)

    That which is left by will; a legacy.

  • Bequest (noun)

    That which has been handed down or transmitted.

  • Bequest (noun)

    A person’s inheritance; an amount of property given by will.

  • Bequest (verb)

    To give as a bequest; bequeath.

  • Behest (noun)

    a person’s orders or command

    “they had assembled at his behest”

  • Bequest (noun)

    a legacy

    “a bequest of over £300,000”

  • Bequest (noun)

    the action of bequeathing something

    “a painting acquired by bequest”

Oxford Dictionary

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