Behalf vs. Behave

By Jaxson

  • Behalf

    Behalf offers short-term financing with flexible repayment terms to U.S. based businesses. Behalf pays vendors directly, on behalf of the small business, for the purchase of goods or services. Behalf has headquarters in New York and, in 2015, raised $119 million in Series B funding

  • Behalf (noun)

    The interest, benefit, or wellbeing of someone or something.

  • Behalf (noun)

    One’s role or rightful place; stead or authority.

  • Behave (verb)

    To conduct (oneself) well, or in a given way.

    “You need to behave yourself, young lady.”

  • Behave (verb)

    To act, conduct oneself in a specific manner; used with an adverbial of manner.

    “He behaves like a child whenever she’s around.”

    “How did the students behave while I was gone?”

    “My laptop has been behaving erratically ever since you borrowed it.”

  • Behave (verb)

    To conduct, manage, regulate (something).

  • Behave (verb)

    To act in a polite or proper way.

    “His mother threatened to spank him if he didn’t behave.”


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