Been vs. Gone

By Jaxson

  • Gone (verb)

    or gon’: short for gonna, going to.

  • Gone (adjective)

    Away, having left.

    “Are they gone already?”

  • Gone (adjective)

    No longer part of the present situation.

    “Don’t both trying to understand what Grandma says, she’s gone.”

    “He won’t be going out with us tonight. Now that he’s engaged, he’s gone.”

    “Have you seen their revenue numbers? They’re gone.”

  • Gone (adjective)

    No longer existing, having passed.

    “The days of my youth are gone.”

  • Gone (adjective)

    Used up.

    “I’m afraid all the coffee’s gone at the moment.”

  • Gone (adjective)


  • Gone (adjective)

    Intoxicated to the point of being unaware of one’s surroundings.

    “Dude, look at Jack. He’s completely gone.”

  • Gone (adjective)

    Entirely given up to; infatuated with; used with on.

    “He’s totally gone on her.”

  • Gone (adjective)

    Excellent; wonderful.

  • Gone (adjective)

    Ago (used post-positionally).

  • Gone (adjective)

    Weak; faint; feeling a sense of goneness.

  • Gone (adjective)

    Of an arrow: wide of the mark.

  • Gone (preposition)

    Past, after, later than (a time).

    “You’d better hurry up, it’s gone four o’clock.”


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