Beefburger vs. Hamburger

By Jaxson

  • Hamburger

    A hamburger, beefburger or burger is a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat, usually beef, placed inside a sliced bread roll or bun. The patty may be pan fried, grilled, or flame broiled. Hamburgers are often served with cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, onion, pickles, or chiles; condiments such as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, relish, or “special sauce”; and are frequently placed on sesame seed buns. A hamburger topped with cheese is called a cheeseburger.

    The term “burger” can also be applied to the meat patty on its own, especially in the UK where the term “patty” is rarely used, or the term can even refer simply to ground beef. The term may be prefixed with the type of meat or meat substitute used, as in “turkey burger”, “bison burger”, or “veggie burger”.

    Hamburgers are sold at fast-food restaurants, diners, and specialty and high-end restaurants (where burgers may sell for several times the cost of a fast-food burger, but may be one of the cheaper options on the menu). There are many international and regional variations of the hamburger.

  • Beefburger (noun)

    A hamburger.

  • Hamburger (noun)

    A hot sandwich consisting of a patty of cooked ground beef, in a sliced bun, sometimes also containing salad vegetables, condiments, or both.

  • Hamburger (noun)

    The patty used in such a sandwich.

  • Hamburger (noun)

    Ground beef, especially that intended to be made into hamburgers.

  • Hamburger (noun)

    An animal or human, or the flesh thereof, that has been badly injured as a result of an accident or conflict.

    “The truck hit the deer and turned it into hamburger.”

    “I’m going to make you into hamburger if you do that again.”

  • Beefburger (noun)

    a flat round cake of minced beef, fried or grilled and typically eaten in a bun.

  • Hamburger (noun)

    a flat round cake of minced beef, fried or grilled and typically served in a bread roll garnished with various condiments.

  • Hamburger (noun)

    minced beef.

Oxford Dictionary

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