Baring vs. Barring

By Jaxson

  • Baring (verb)

    present participle of bare

  • Baring (noun)

    The act by which something is laid bare.

  • Barring (noun)

    Bars; an arrangement or pattern of stripes or bars.

  • Barring (noun)

    The act of fitting or closing something with bars.

  • Barring (noun)

    The exclusion of someone; blackballing.

  • Barring (noun)

    Timber used for supporting the roof or sides of shafts.

  • Barring (noun)

    The sewing of a decorative bar or tack upon a fabric or leather.


  • Barring (preposition)

    Unless something happens; excepting; in the absence of.

    “Barring any further red tape, we will finally be able to open the restaurant.”

    “Barring any sudden storms, the plane should arrive on time.”


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