Barbarism vs. Barbarianism

By Jaxson

  • Barbarism (noun)

    A barbaric act.

    “These barbarisms can not be allowed to continue; they must be crushed or civilization will collapse.”

  • Barbarism (noun)

    The condition of existing barbarically.

  • Barbarism (noun)

    An error in language use within a single word, such as a mispronunciation.

  • Barbarianism (noun)

    A primitive or simplistic ethos or societal condition; barbarism.

    “Some postulate that after a nuclear war, humanity would fall into a state of barbarianism.”

  • Barbarianism (noun)

    Behaviour appropriate to a barbarian, that is uncivilized, brutal, or crude.

    “The teacher accused the bullies of barbarianism when she caught them taunting the girl in a wheelchair.”


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