Authentification vs. Authentication

By Jaxson

  • Authentication

    Authentication (from Greek: αὐθεντικός authentikos, “real, genuine”, from αὐθέντης authentes, “author”) is the act of proving an assertion, such as the identity of a computer system user. In contrast with identification, the act of indicating a person or thing’s identity, authentication is the process of verifying that identity. It might involve validating personal identity documents, verifying the authenticity of a website with a digital certificate, determining the age of an artifact by carbon dating, or ensuring that a product or document is not counterfeit.

  • Authentification (noun)

    The process of making, or establishing as, authentic.


  • Authentication (noun)

    something which validates or confirms the authenticity of something

  • Authentication (noun)

    proof of the identity of a user logging on to some network

  • Authentication (noun)

    a hallmark or assay-mark on a piece of metalwork


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