Autapomorphy vs. Apomorphy

By Jaxson

  • Autapomorphy

    In phylogenetics, an autapomorphy is a distinctive feature, known as a derived trait, that is unique to a given taxon. That is, it is found only in one taxon, but not found in any others or outgroup taxa, not even those most closely related to the focal taxon (which may be a species, family or in general any clade). It can therefore be considered an apomorphy in relation to a single taxon. The word autapomorphy, first introduced in 1950 by German entomologist Willi Hennig, is derived from the Greek words αὐτός, aut- = “self”; ἀπό, apo = “away from”; and μορφή, morphḗ = “shape”.

  • Autapomorphy (noun)

    A derived trait that is unique to a particular taxon

  • Apomorphy (noun)

    A derived characteristic of a clade. Any feature novel to a species and its descendants.

  • Autapomorphy (noun)

    An autapomorphic character.

  • Apomorphy (noun)

    An apomorphous character.

Oxford Dictionary

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