Anybody vs. Somebody

By Jaxson

  • Anybody (pronoun)

    Any one out of an indefinite number of persons; anyone; any person.

    “Anybody will do.”

    “Is there anybody inside?”

  • Anybody (pronoun)

    A person of some consideration or standing.

    “Everybody who wants to be anybody will come to Jake’s party.”

    “Here one isn’t anybody, if one doesn’t dance like Travolta.”

  • Somebody (pronoun)

    Some unspecified person.

    “Somebody has to clean this mess up.”

  • Somebody (noun)

    A recognised or important person, a celebrity.

    “I’m tired of being a nobody – I want to be a somebody.”

  • Somebody (pronoun)

    some person; someone.

  • Somebody (pronoun)

    a person of importance or authority

    “nobodies who want to become somebodies”

    “I’d like to be somebody”

Oxford Dictionary

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