Anorak vs. Cagoule

By Jaxson

  • Cagoule

    A cagoule (French: [kaɡul]), also spelled cagoul, kagoule or kagool, is the British English term for a lightweight (usually without lining), weatherproof raincoat or anorak with a hood, which often comes in knee-length form. The Canadian English equivalent is windbreaker or the French brand K-Way.

    In some versions, when rolled up, the hood or cross-chest front pocket doubles as a bag into which the shell can be packed.

  • Anorak (noun)

    A heavy weatherproof jacket with an attached hood; a parka or windcheater.

  • Anorak (noun)

    A geek or nerd, possibly originally either a train spotter or a fan of off-shore pirate radio.

  • Cagoule (noun)

    A lightweight waterproof parka.

  • Anorak (noun)

    a waterproof jacket, typically with a hood, of a kind originally used in polar regions.

Oxford Dictionary

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