Ancle vs. Ankle

By Jaxson

  • Ankle

    The ankle, or the talocrural region, is the region where the foot and the leg meet. The ankle includes three joints: the ankle joint proper or talocrural joint, the subtalar joint, and the inferior tibiofibular joint. The movements produced at this joint are dorsiflexion and plantarflexion of the foot. In common usage, the term ankle refers exclusively to the ankle region. In medical terminology, “ankle” (without qualifiers) can refer broadly to the region or specifically to the talocrural joint.The main bones of the ankle region are the talus (in the foot), and the tibia and fibula (in the leg). The talocrural joint is a synovial hinge joint that connects the distal ends of the tibia and fibula in the lower limb with the proximal end of the talus. The articulation between the tibia and the talus bears more weight than that between the smaller fibula and the talus.

  • Ancle (noun)

    obsolete spelling of ankle

  • Ankle (noun)

    The skeletal joint which connects the foot with the leg; the uppermost portion of the foot and lowermost portion of the leg, which contain this skeletal joint.

  • Ankle (verb)

    To walk.

  • Ankle (verb)

    To cyclically angle the foot at the ankle while pedaling, to maximize the amount of work applied to the pedal during each revolution.

  • Ankle (noun)

    the joint connecting the foot with the leg

    “an ankle injury”

    “Jennie fell downstairs, breaking her ankle”

  • Ankle (noun)

    the narrow part of the leg between the ankle joint and the calf

    “her slim ankles”

  • Ankle (verb)


    “we can ankle off to a new locale”

  • Ankle (verb)


    “he ankled the series to do a movie”

  • Ankle (verb)

    flex the ankles while cycling in order to increase pedalling efficiency

    “changing my pedalling style from toeing to ankling”

Oxford Dictionary

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