Among vs. Between

By Jaxson

  • Among (preposition)

    Denotes a mingling or intermixing with distinct or separable objects. (See Usage Note at amidst)

    “How can you speak with authority about their customs when you have never lived among them?”

  • Among (preposition)

    Denotes a belonging of a person or a thing to a group.

    “He is among the few who completely understand the subject.”

  • Among (preposition)

    Denotes a sharing of a common feature in a group.

    “Lactose intolerance is common among people of Asian heritage.”

  • Between (preposition)

    In the position or interval that separates (two things), or intermediate in quantity or degree. (See Usage notes below.)

    “John stood between Amy and Mary.”

    “Let’s meet between two and three.”

    “I want to buy one that costs somewhere between forty and fifty dollars.”

  • Between (preposition)

    Done together or reciprocally.

    “conversation between friends”

  • Between (preposition)

    Shared in confidence.

    “Between you and me, I think the boss is crazy.”

    “Let’s keep this between ourselves.”

  • Between (preposition)

    In transit from (one to the other, or connecting places).

    “He’s between jobs right now.”

    “The shuttle runs between the town and the airport.”

  • Between (preposition)

    Combined (by effort or ownership).

    “Between us all, we shall succeed.”

    “We’ve only got £5 between us.”

    “Between the leaky taps and the peeling wallpaper, there isn’t much about this house to appeal to a buyer.”

  • Between (preposition)

    One of (representing a choice).

    “You must choose between him and me.”

    “Some colour-blind people can’t distinguish between red and green.”

  • Between (noun)

    A kind of needle, shorter than a sharp, with a small rounded eye, used for making fine stitches on heavy fabrics.

  • Among (preposition)

    situated more or less centrally in relation to (several other things)

    “you’re among friends”

    “flowers hidden among the roots of the trees”

  • Among (preposition)

    being a member or members of (a larger set)

    “snakes are among the animals most feared by man”

    “a British woman was among the 54 victims of the disaster”

  • Among (preposition)

    occurring in or shared by (some members of a group or community)

    “members of the government bickered among themselves”

    “a drop in tooth decay among children”

  • Among (preposition)

    indicating a division, choice, or differentiation involving three or more participants

    “the State Council would elect a temporary president from among its members”

    “the old king called the three princesses to divide his kingdom among them”

Oxford Dictionary

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