Always vs. Allways

By Jaxson

  • Always (adverb)

    At all times; throughout all time

    “God is always the same.”

    “perpetually|continually|all the time|every time|Thesaurus:forever”

    “at no time|never|Thesaurus:never”

  • Always (adverb)

    Constantly during a certain period, or regularly at stated intervals (opposed to sometimes or occasionally).



    “In this street, the shops always close during lunchtime.”

  • Always (adverb)

    In any event.

    “I thought I could always go back to work.”

    “anyhow|anyway|at any rate|regardless|Thesaurus:regardless”

  • Allways (adverb)

    misspelling of always

  • Always (adverb)

    at all times; on all occasions

    “the sun always rises in the east”

  • Always (adverb)

    throughout a long period of the past

    “Isabel had always been in rude health”

  • Always (adverb)

    for all future time; forever

    “she will always be missed”

  • Always (adverb)

    repeatedly and annoyingly

    “she is always making derogatory remarks”

  • Always (adverb)

    as a last resort; failing all else

    “if the marriage doesn’t work out, we can always get divorced”

Oxford Dictionary

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