Aloud vs. Allowed

By Jaxson

  • Aloud

    Aloud is an American indie rock band known for its songwriting and vocal prowess, as well as using a two lead singer approach.Founded in 2002 by Jen de la Osa (lead vocals, guitar, keys) and Henry Beguiristain (lead vocals, guitar, keys) in Boston, Massachusetts, the group is rounded out by bassist/backing vocalist Charles Murphy and drummer Chris Jago. From 2006, Aloud released music under the Lemon Merchant Records label. Their fourth studio album, It’s Got To Be Now, was released by Mother West in 2014.

    Aloud is currently completing their fifth studio album with producer Benny Grotto.

  • Aloud (adverb)

    With a loud voice, or great noise; loudly; audibly.

    “Try speaking aloud rather than whispering.”

  • Aloud (adverb)

    Audibly, as opposed to silent.

    “speaking aloud rather than thinking thoughts privately”

  • Aloud (adjective)

    Spoken out loud.

  • Allowed (verb)

    simple past tense and past participle of allow

  • Aloud (adverb)

    audibly; not silently or in a whisper

    “he read the letter aloud”

  • Aloud (adverb)


    “he wept aloud”

Oxford Dictionary

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