Affection vs. Effection

By Jaxson

  • Affection

    Affection, attraction, infatuation, or fondness is a “disposition or state of mind or body” that is often associated with a feeling or type of love. It has given rise to a number of branches of philosophy and psychology concerning emotion, disease, influence, and state of being. “Affection” is popularly used to denote a feeling or type of love, amounting to more than goodwill or friendship. Writers on ethics generally use the word to refer to distinct states of feeling, both lasting and spasmodic. Some contrast it with passion as being free from the distinctively sensual element.Even a very simple demonstration of affection can have a broad variety of emotional reactions, from embarrassment to disgust to pleasure and annoyance. It also has a different physical effect on the giver and the receiver.

  • Affection (noun)

    The act of affecting or acting upon.

  • Affection (noun)

    The state of being affected.

  • Affection (noun)

    An attribute; a quality or property; a condition

  • Affection (noun)

    An emotion; a feeling or natural impulse acting upon and swaying the mind

  • Affection (noun)

    A feeling of love or strong attachment.

  • Affection (noun)

    Disease; morbid symptom; malady.

  • Affection (verb)

    to affection, emotion or love for.

  • Effection (noun)

    Creation; a doing.

  • Affection (noun)

    a gentle feeling of fondness or liking

    “he won a place in her affections”

    “she felt affection for the wise old lady”

  • Affection (noun)

    the action or process of affecting or being affected.

  • Affection (noun)

    a condition or disease

    “an affection of the skin”

  • Affection (noun)

    a mental state; an emotion.

Oxford Dictionary

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