Advize vs. Advise

By Jaxson

  • Advise

    ADVISE (Analysis, Dissemination, Visualization, Insight, and Semantic Enhancement) is a research and development program within the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Threat and Vulnerability Testing and Assessment (TVTA) portfolio. It is reported to be developing a massive data mining system, which would collect and analyze data on everyone in the United States and perform a “threat analysis” of them. The data can be everything from financial records, phone records, emails, blog entries, website searches, and any other electronic information that can be put into a computer system. The information is then analyzed, and used to monitor social threats such as community-forming, terrorism, political organizing, or crime.

    ADVISE will possess the ability to store one quadrillion data entities.

    The exact scope and degree of completion of the program is unclear. ADVISE is in the 2004-2006 Federal DHS Budget as a component of the $47 million TVTA program.

    The program was officially scrapped in September 2007 after the agency’s internal Inspector General found that pilot testing of the system had been performed using data on real people without required privacy safeguards in place.

  • Advize (verb)

    obsolete spelling of advise

  • Advise (verb)

    To give advice to; to offer an opinion to, as worthy or expedient to be followed.

    “The dentist advised me to brush three times a day.”

  • Advise (verb)

    To recommend; to offer as advice.

    “The dentist advised brushing three times a day.”

  • Advise (verb)

    To give information or notice to; to inform or counsel; — with of before the thing communicated.

    “We were advised of the risk.”

    “The lawyer advised me to drop the case, since there was no chance of winning.”

  • Advise (verb)

    To consider, to deliberate.

  • Advise (verb)

    To look at, watch; to see.

  • Advise (verb)

    offer suggestions about the best course of action to someone

    “we advise against sending cash by post”

    “I advised him to go home”

    “he advised caution”

  • Advise (verb)


    “sleeping pills are not advised”

  • Advise (verb)

    inform (someone) about a fact or situation in a formal or official way

    “you will be advised of the requirements”

    “the lawyer advised the court that his client wished to give evidence”

Oxford Dictionary

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