Adequate vs. Proficient

By Jaxson

  • Adequate (adjective)

    Equal to or fulfilling some requirement.



    “powers adequate to a great work”

    “an adequate definition”

  • Adequate (verb)

    To equalize; to make adequate.

  • Adequate (verb)

    To equal.

  • Proficient (adjective)

    Good at something; skilled; fluent; practiced, especially in relation to a task or skill.

    “He was a proficient writer with an interest in human nature.”

  • Proficient (noun)

    An expert.

  • Adequate (adjective)

    satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity

    “adequate resources and funding”

    “this office is perfectly adequate for my needs”

  • Proficient (adjective)

    competent or skilled in doing or using something

    “I was proficient at my job”

    “she felt reasonably proficient in Italian”

  • Proficient (noun)

    a person who is proficient

    “he became a proficient in Latin and Greek”

Oxford Dictionary

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