Difference between Yellow Sapphire And Topaz

Main Difference

Both of these two are very precious stones but the main difference between yellow sapphire and topaz is, sapphire is a gemstone which is very expensive and is hard to find. They are available in many colors, yellow sapphire is one of the kind as well. While on the other hand, if we talk about topaz, it is another gemstone which is also available in yellow color but it is actually a vsilicate of aluminum with fluorine. Many people are bluffed as they are given topaz instead of yellow sapphires. They look so similar when both have same color.

Yellow Sapphire

It is a very expensive gemstone and is popular among people who like to wear it around their neck, in a pendant or in their rings. It is a beautiful stone which is available in different colors. It belongs to Corundum family and is also known as Pukhraj in India. Among various colors of this gemstone, the most popular ones are, yellow, violet, green, pink, blue and many more. One concept about yellow sapphire is that it can cure diseases and many problems that is the reason why it is in such high demand and people usually tend to wear it around their neck or in their rings. Many shopkeepers take advantage of this high demand and sell topaz to people instead of yellow sapphire. They cheat their customers easily because of similar color of these two.


Topaz is not as rare as yellow sapphire is and is found abundantly on Earth. People fall in the traps of jewelers who sell topaz to them instead of yellow sapphire because topaz is available in such great diversity of colors and look more attractive and shiny as compared to yellow sapphire. That is the reason why people fall for topaz easily. Topaz is colorless when it is in the pure form but when impurities are added to it, it becomes colorful. It could be found in various colors like orange, yellow, brown, grey and many more.

Key Differences

  • Topaz is found abundantly on Earth but yellow sapphire is not.
  • Topaz is less expensive than yellow sapphire.
  • Topaz is the best semi-precious stone but yellow sapphire is one of the most precious stones found on Earth.
  • Yellow sapphire is known to solve problems. This concept is adopted by many people who use or wear this gemstone.
  • Yellow sapphire is more harder than topaz.
  • Yellow sapphire has high specific gravity than topaz.
  • Yellow sapphire is more dense than topaz.

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