Difference between Web Service and WCF

Main Difference

There are some key contrasts between Web services and WCF services. Web services are utilized to fabricate applications that can send/get messages utilizing SOPA over HTTP. Be that as it may, WCF is for building dispersed applications to trade messages utilizing SOAP and any vehicle convention like HTTP, TCP, named channels, and Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ), and so on. Moreover, WCF can be stretched out to work with some other transport convention. Despite the fact that Web services are exceptionally basic and simple to execute, WCF is compositionally heartier than Web service. Web services must be facilitated in IIS and the security is constrained. Yet, WCF can be facilitated in IIS, self-host servers with console applications or Win NT services or whatever another server. Besides, not at all like Web services, WCF bolsters double .NET – .NET correspondences, appropriated exchanges, WS-* particulars, lined informing and Restful interchanges. Essentially, WCF is a service layer that permits you to manufacture applications that can impart utilizing an assortment of correspondence components. With it, you can impart utilizing Peer to Peer, Named Pipes, Web Services et cetera. You can’t think about them in light of the fact that WCF is a system for building interoperable applications. On the off chance that you like, you can consider it an SOA empowering agent. What does this mean? All things considered, WCF fits in with something known as ABC, where it is the location of the service that you need to speak with, B remains for the authoritative and C remains for the agreement. This is essential since it is conceivable to change the authoritative without fundamentally changing the code. The agreement is a great deal all the more intense on the grounds that it drives the partition of the agreement from the execution. This implies the agreement is characterized in an interface, and there is a solid execution which is bound to by the buyer utilizing the same thought of the agreement. The data model is dreamy out. Web Service depends on SOAP and returns information in XML structure. It bolsters just HTTP convention. It is not open source but rather can be devoured by any customer that comprehends XML. It can be facilitated just on IIS. WCF is likewise in view of SOAP and returns information in XML structure. It is the development of the web service (ASMX) and backing different conventions like TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, Named Pipes, and MSMQ. The primary issue with WCF is, it’s dreary and broad arrangement. It is not open source but rather can be devoured by any customer that comprehends XML. It can be facilitated within the application or on IIS or utilizing window service.

Web Services

Web services are parts of uses, which can be gotten to utilizing open conventions, for example, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), which is an XML-based dialect created by the W3C, to encode and transmit information. Cleanser utilizes XML for information portrayals and HTTP for information exchange. The fundamentally favorable circumstances conveyed by these open conventions are interoperability of the services in spite of the distinctions in the stages and the programming dialects utilized. Web services use (WSDL) Web services Descriptions Language) to portray the services, and UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) to list the accessible services. Web services needn’t bother with a web program or HTML to work, and could conceivably contain a GUI as characterized by the application. Web services can be executed with ASP.NET. A Web Service (here and there known as ASMX innovation in .NET) is a strategy for correspondence over the system. As per W3C, a Web service is a framework devoted to supporting machine-to-machine exchanges over a system. It is a Web API portrayed in WSDL (Web Service Description Language) and Web services are normally independent and self-depicting. Web services can be found utilizing UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) convention. By trading SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messages ordinarily over HTTP (with XML), different frameworks can collaborate with Web services. Web services are utilized as a part of a number of courses, for example, RPC (Remote Procedure Calls), SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and REST (Representational State Transfer). There are two mechanized outline systems for creating Web services. The base up methodology manages first making the classes and after that utilizing WSDL era devices to form these classes as Web services. The top-down methodology manages to characterize the WSDL determinations and afterward utilizing code era apparatuses to create the comparing classes. Web services have two noteworthy uses. They can be utilized as reusable application segments and/or associated web applications running on various stages.


WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) is a .NET API (Application Programming Interface), which gives a bound together programming model to create associated and service-arranged applications. All the more particularly, it is utilized for creating and conveying disseminated applications with SOA. SOA manages appropriated registering in which purchasers devour services. Different customers can expand a solitary service and the other way around. WCF bolsters propelled web service guidelines, for example, WS-Addressing, WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-Security and RSS syndication (accessible after .NET 4.0). A WCF customer utilizes an End Point to associate with a WCF service. Every service may have different endpoints uncovering its agreement. The term ABC is utilized to allude to the Address/Binding/Contract of WCF service. The correspondence amongst customers and services is led through SOAP envelopes. Windows Communication Foundation was acquainted with supplanting before web service stages and uses service arranged design in building applications. Interoperability and numerous message designs, service metadata, information contracts, and various transport encodings are components of the WCF. Tough messages, AJAX, and REST, and Secure Transactions highlights add more flexibility to the stage than prior web services.

Key Differences

  • The web service stage bolsters XML Serialization while, in the WCF, service stage underpins Run Time Serialization.
  • WCF Services can be multi-strung by means of Service Behavior class, while web services can’t be multi-strung.

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