Difference between UPS and Inverter

Main Difference

UPS and inverters are designed for the power facilities. they both differ from each other in terms of their objectives and functions.UPS which is also known as Uninterruptible Power Supplies  are manufactured for the backup power. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are created to immediately supply urgent situation emergency power, immediately or even transients, in order to crucial purposes in the event of a disruption to, or unsatisfactory problem belonging to the mains/utility supply. Several UPSs additionally filter and also regulate mains/utility power. A power inverter, or simply inverter, is definitely an electrical gadget or circuits which adjust direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).The input voltage, end result voltage and frequency, and general energy managing depends upon designs for the particular gadget or even circuitry. The inverter doesn’t generate any kind of power, the power is supplied from the DC source. An energy inverter is generally completely automated or may be a mixture of mechanical effects (for instance a rotary apparatus) and also electronic circuitry. Fixed inverters don’t use driving parts in the transformation procedure.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) as the name states serve the purpose of alternate supply of power in an emergency and extreme conditions. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are created to immediately present unexpected emergency power, straight away or, to crucial functions in case, there is an interruption in mains/utility power.UPS has many objectives, some are discussed. Even though the electrical power resources attempt to provide clean, steady electrical energy to their customers, there are occasions when the particular network might be beyond capacity or susceptible to mishaps or urgent matters which may give  the subsequent fault conditions: it can lead to Blackout. This is really a comprehensive lack of power long lasting for longer than one particular cycle, generally brought on by any sort of accident or even significant overburden on the network. Another type of fault in which ups helps is Brown-outs and sags : These are generally prolonged period voltage reductions frequently brought on by the extreme need of the system. Another faulty condition in which UPS is needed is Swell:  This is definitely an improve from minimal voltage long lasting more than one line cycles, most likely brought on by the shortcoming belonging to the producing equipment to follow along with unexpected alterations in demand. Another fault in which UPS serve the purpose is  Spikes and surges and Frequency drift: they also faults due to overburden and high demands on peak times. Many other purposes of UPS, Apart from an extended power outage, numerous purposes can easily endure several  faulty conditions, nevertheless, there are particular crucial applications, for example, business processes or even computer and communications systems, for the purpose a continual  source of slim specifications is really important.


As the inverter converts DC into AC. The inverter is usually attached to a good outdoor DC source to keep constant AC current flow. In this instance, a separate battery or electric batteries can be used for storing energy. A typical electrical energy inverter device or maybe a circuit requires a fairly steady DC source of energy efficient at providing adequate current for the developed power demands of your system. The input voltage is determined by the design and style and function of the inverter. there’re two main sorts of the inverter are usually power inverter and solar inverter. a good inverter can easily create and provide diverse waveforms many of them are, pulsed sine wave, square wave, altered sine wave pulse width modulated wave (PWM) or sine wave determined by circuit layout. The output frequency is definitely associated with typical standard power  that is 50 or 60 Hz.

Key Differences

  • In UPS, the switchover in order to backup power is definitely immediate, whilst in an inverter, there’s a small delay
  • In UPS, alternating current from the main power is changed to Direct current while in inverter main power is supplied to inverter
  • UPS generally comprises of rectifier and charger whereas in inverter power flows from battery and then converted to AC
  • UPS is electrical backup supply whereas inverter is electronic power supply
  • In UPS, there is no interruption in power whereas in inverter there is interruption in power.

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