Difference between Tarantulas and Spiders

Main Difference

Basically, the tarantulas are those kinds of spiders which have more than 40,000 species and because of this reason, thehas become the 7th biggest diversification between every existing group of animals. You can easily recognize the tarantulas among the spiders as the tarantulas are most terrifying and horrible than that of the spiders. Tarantulas and Spiders contribute a lot of things but most of the characteristics are eccentrically special in tarantulas as compared to other spiders. Due to their poison, vicious facade and a lot of hairs, tarantulas particularly jingle extremely hazardous. Though, tarantulas and spiders are acutely trendy amongst public as pets. On the other hand, Cambodians grill tarantulas as well-liked foodstuff regardless of their horrifying distinctiveness. In most of the situations, the spiders have hairs on their body but many of them do not have hairs and the main unique fixation concerning the spiders is the silk, concealed as of spinnerets in the belly which helps to craft spider nets for victim imprison. The size of the Spiders is less than the size of the Tarantulas in most of the cases. Most of the species related to the tarantulas contain hairs but the spiders have fewer hairs as compared to them. As the tarantulas are the type of spiders that’s why every tarantula is a spider but it is not essential for a spider to be a tarantula.


Tarantulas produce extra perilous sounds because of their brutal look having countless hairs on their bodies. The species of the Tarantulas are immense in number and till today, more than nine hundred species have been found. Tarantulas can be large enough consisting body length of about 10 cm from abdomen to head, and their weight can be over hundred grams depending on their type. Though, Goliath Bird eater has a record weight of 150 grams. Due to their hairy bodies, Tarantulas has dreadful looks and their stings on the stomach are helpful in capturing of their victim in a particular technique. In an instant, they come to recognize how to throw those stings towards the predator in order to defend them. Tarantulas have a unique character of making silk from their feet which is very supportive for hiking on horizontal and vertical surfaces. They are extremely trendy as pets and broadly breed in detention for the pet traffic and the natural life of a tarantula can be up to 25 years.


Spiders have an exceptional body formation with combination of two main body components, one is “Prosoma” including head and thorax and the other one is “Opisthosoma” includes abdomen. All the spiders don’t have hairs on their body but some of them have hairy bodies. All the spiders are killers by and large and they can kill ahead whichever creature is within their clutch. However, in 2008, there was one vegan spider was found that is not killer by nature. Habitually, the spiders are not communal, whilst there are several existing cooperative types. On the whole, the spiders have incisors which are connected with the toxin glands that could get deadly for humans and other creatures in several cases. Spiders take a significant part in the environment as well as among the people. Usually, their lifespan is almost two years.

Key Differences

  • Mutually both are spiders; however tarantulas are particular category amongst spiders.
  • Usually, tarantulas are bigger than various spiders.
  • All tarantulas have hairs on their bodies but not most of the spiders are essentially hairy-body.
  • Tarantulas have only 2 or 4 spinnerets, but on the other side, there is different number of spinnerets amongst the other spiders.
  • Tarantulas emanate silk to climb on the floors and construct beds for their rest, but Spiders exude silk to create webs which help them to arrest victims.
  • Lifespan of tarantulas is economic and extended as a pet as weigh against the spiders.
  • All the tarantulas are spiders but it is not compulsory for the spiders to be the tarantulas in every case.
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