Difference between Surface Book and iPad Pro

Main Difference

The Surface Book is a laptop by nature and it well furnished with a slide-off display screen that can be used only speaking bursts like a large table at the same time. The iPad Pro is a large tablet by nature that you can utilize with a keyboard accessory (offered individually) that makes it capable of transforming into a faux laptop as well. The Surface Book is just available in a single silver shade choice though the Apple Company has about three iPad Pro colors available. The Surface Book is available to you with the facility of enhancing the storage capacity option in the form of an SD card slot. The iPad Pro, on the other side, doesn’t have an SD card slot option for you. There is a significant difference in the screen sizes of both the devices as the display size of the iPad Pro screen is less than that of the Surface Book’s screen. On the whole, this is the Surface Book that consists of the Microsoft’s new edition from the Surface Pen. In contrast, the Apple Company market its “Pencil” independently that can be used for many of its products, including the iPad Pro as well.

Surface Book

The Surface Book is a brand new item in for the people who wish to obtain anything from the Microsoft’s selection. It represents the generation of the initial laptop the organization has ever produced till today. The brand new but much more recognizable Surface Pro 4, which introduced plus the Surface Book on 6 Oct, that were designed to be the tablet initial and laptop at the same time, although the Surface Book users will enjoy the option of laptop first. A tablet-second approach is also available which has a 13 in completely removable touchscreen display and a full-size, durable keyboard to make users more facilitated. Just like the most current Windows logo design, the Surface Book is quite angular by nature. It’s a somewhat strange design for any laptop. The display screen features provide you a 3:2 aspect ratio and it is the duty of the user to use it it very rapidly. Such as the other Surface items, it’s created from a magnesium alloy which Microsoft claims is lighter in weight and much more durable than that of the standard aluminum.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro has restricted integration and assistance for just about any Microsoft Office suite and artistic Adobe apps, and these come in two essential equipment that is composed of the Intelligent Keyboard. This keyboard docks for the tablet by using a committed magnetic connector around the slate, combined with the new Apple Pencil that facilitates numerous numbers of pressures which allow you to draw with the excellent accuracy. Both of these components can be found individually.  On its own, the iPad Pro is a successful tablet featuring the Apple A9X system chip and lots of options for the users to enjoy. Concerning style, it keeps the iPad Air design which makes it easily portable being the iPad unique device by nature. The iPad Pro certainly is the largest iPad available in the Apple’s tablet selection at present due to the real fact that it has a 12.9-inch display which makes it a perfect device for output.

Key Differences

  • The Surface Book consists of Microsoft’s new edition from the Surface Pen while the Apple Company will market its “Pencil” independently.
  • The Surface Book’s screen is 5 % larger than the iPad Pro’s. Both of them are much bigger than more standard tablets within the 10-inch selection, such as the iPad Air 2.
  • The Surface Book even offers an SD card slot. But iPad Pro doesn’t have an SD card slot.
  • The Surface Book’s Small Screen Port can reflection the laptop’s visible on a Television or exterior monitor. You can obtain a comparable set up using the iPad Pro’s Lightning port, but you will need an adapter.

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