Difference between Supervisor and Manager

Main Difference

The main difference between a supervisor and manager is that a supervisor controls the working of a project. On the other hand, a manager takes care of all the administration work going on within a company.

Comparison Chart

Basis of Distinction Supervisor Manager
Definition A person who controls the working of a task that is currently active such as a project. A person who needs to cater for all the activities within an organization.
Relation Appointed by the manager. Nominated by the higher authorities.
Role Takes care of the specific tasks that other people are working on. Takes care of all the tasks within the working environment that range from working with management.
Structure Does not have any extra pay allotted to them and the job is not advertised. Has a proper pay allotted and the job advertised


It is not a specific post on which appointments are made since it can be anyone who already works in an organization but takes charge of individuals working on a project. The primary job is to ensure that the task completes at the prescribed time. The best example of such a post becomes that of a Ph.D. professor that works at a university and takes care of other students who complete their Masters or Doctoral thesis. An important thing to keep in mind is that such a person does not have to have any specific post or skills to manage something. As long as they belong to the same place, and have the idea of how things work, they become entitled to the post of a supervisor. Another critical factor is that it is a low-level position and does not have an actual salary. A company or university may decide to pay the person extra for taking this responsibility, but no norms exist for that to happen. Anyone who has the power of giving orders to the people working under them, and takes the responsibility of the work done by lower staff qualify for the post. Take the example of a final university project on which few students work; they always have a supervisor, someone from the faculty who takes care of all the work they do and guide them to complete the task efficiently.


It is a regular post of high level on which a person works only if they have the relevant degree and precise skills that will help them with the responsibilities. They should be individual who controls the work that goes on by the people through the commercial and financial supervision. They have the control over all the functions that occur within a facility and directly answerable to the higher authority. Such people do not exist within a student facility but only within companies and organizations that require dealing with different works at the same time. Time management is one factor that a manager keeps in mind to ensure all the tasks complete within the slot given. They also have to manage the work rate of people such as shifts and the hours they work. At the same time, a manager caters for hiring the right people and negotiating pay structure that satisfies the individual and the company. Different types of managerial posts exist, but they have the same nature of job required. For example, a project on which different people are working, it becomes the job of a manager to assign the task to people and to appoint a supervisor who performs the work efficiently.

Key Differences

  • A supervisor is appointed by the manager whereas the higher authorities appoint the manager.
  • The supervisor takes care of the specific tasks that other people are working on, whereas the manager takes care of all the functions within the working environment that range from workers to higher management.
  • Managers do not exist within a student facility but only within companies and organizations. Whereas a supervisor may be a person that works at a university or business.
  • A Supervisor does not have any extra salary allotted to them, and the job is not advertised, whereas manager has a decent wage and the position advertised.
  • Sentence usage of manager goes as; “The general manager was on maternity leave, and she rifled through several drawers before locating a bottle of painkillers.
  • Whereas the sentence usage of supervisor goes as; “In 1889 the convicts were placed under the care of a supervisor of convicts, and in 1905 the law was amended so that one or more directors could be appointed at the will of the governors.”

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