Difference between Scottish and Irish

Main Difference

The Scottish and the Irish are capable of delivering you a taste of the good old British country side. The Scottish follows the Scots law, which is basically a mix of Roman law, civil law and common law. On the other hand, the Irish people follow pretty much the same laws prevailed in the UK but they don’t take into account the jurisdiction system of England and the other UK countries. Most of the Irish people are Catholic by religion but a few of them are Protestant denominations and have other religions in between as well. The Irish are fond of the drinks. These are the Irish who claimed to be the founder of the pub culture all over the globe. Ireland people like to utilize their pubs for meeting purpose and a place where any person is able to become relax among the company of buddies. These are the Scottish who still retains their cultural and national identity. Their legal, educational and religious institutions are still working on the basis of their culture and as a result, they have separate identity from the rest of the UK people. The Scottish people like to follow their own culture rather than the culture present in UK. The major religion of the Scottish people is the Christianity and they mostly belong to the Roman Catholicism. The punctuation and the accent of both the Irish and the Scottish people is not the same.


In many of the Irish people, you will discover the domination of the Catholic ideology but a few of them may be Protestant denominations and other religious thoughts in addition. Almost every Irish is a fond of various sorts of drinks and the pub culture is belongs to the Irish people. For the Ireland people, the pub may be a good meeting place and the relaxing place with the friends. The Irish people have the jurisdiction system of their own and they don’t follow the jurisdiction system of the UK, but for other motives they follow UK. In most of the situations, the Irish speaks “Th” into “T” or “D”. As an outcome, you can expect from an Irish to pronounce the word of ‘Thin’ into ‘Tin’ or ‘this’ into ‘dis’. The Irish people generally soften the sounds of the vowels when speak. The vowels are not be used as long vowels when an Irish person is speaking. The Irish likes to give more attention to the consonants while speaking. A tone will be created when any Irish person is talking and this is the major reason that the talking style of the Irish people is very musical. The live examples of the Irish accent holders are the Gerard Butler, Pierce Brosnan and Collin Farell.


In general, the Scottish people wish to retain their cultural and national identity that you can check in them easily. The majority of the Scottish people follow the culture of their own that is different from the culture of UK. The Christianity is the main religion of the Scottish people and majority of them belong to the Roman Catholicism. The Scottish colloquial speech is well equipped with the vocabulary other than English which they generally employed in order to describe anything which they want. For instance, the word of ‘wee’ is used if the Scottish people wish to talk about a small thing. While having conversation with the Scottish people, you will come to know that they utilize some unknown words as well including the ‘aye,’ ‘lassie’ and ‘bonnie’. Despite the unknown words, their accent is also changed as they prefer to speak the letter R in the proper manner and they stress on the sound of R every time particularly when it is used after the letters of D, G and T. The pronunciation process of the vowels is also specific in the Scottish people for example the letter E when pronounced by an Irish person will contain the sound of an ‘eh’. In the Scottish accent, the letter of ‘G’ is dropped when it is used in the words which end in ‘ing’. The Scottish people can be recognized with the word of the ‘nee’ that is used for ‘not’. The live example of the Scottish people is the Sean Connery and Ewan McGregor who are the Hollywood stars that speak with a Scottish accent.

Key Differences

  • The Irish and the Scottish utilize some specific words such the word of ‘wee’ is used by the Scottish and ‘aye’ by the Irish.
  • The Irish people pronounce the words softly but the Scottish people stresses on conscious use of their Rs and Gs in ing.
  • Unlike the Scottish, the musical tone will be created when an Irish is talking.
  • The Scottish people have the angry tone when speaking different from the Irish ones.

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