Difference between Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6

Main Difference

The Samsung Galaxy S7 in which you will obtain the inclusion of the micro SD that tends to make storage space a lot more versatile. The display is very similar because it was and will still be comfortable, design and appearance excellent. With the reference of the camera, this is the Samsung Galaxy S7 that has taken the lead because there have been modifications are present in it. However, the experience for both products is excellent. The structure is virtually the identical, but the inclusion of the waterproofing is a particular plus for the users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 as they are the completed with those shapes towards the rear from the phone. It is a little factor, but the new version of the phone just can feel much better in the hands of the users due to its eye-catching appearance. The users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 have to bear the additional weight originates because of the larger battery which is something they will want to make their device alive for more time. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was the most capable mobile phones of 2015. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is likely to be the very best cell phone of 2016. The main difference isn’t massive; despite the fact that the new one is obviously better while having more features, better performance, improved cam, waterproof facility and lots of others.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has the advantage of quite a significant, 3000mAh battery strength plus it provides IP68 waterproof which makes it more useful for those people who are water damage conscious and wish to obtain more life of their handheld device. After critically checking the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S7, you will discover that the micro SD card port has returned that will make you able to utilize a card all the way to obtain the 200GB storage capacity. The Samsung Galaxy S7 includes a 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen, Qualcomm’s most beneficial Snapdragon 820 program chip underneath the cover and an entirely new 12-megapixel camera with lower light superb powers which are the features that you can expect from any modern Smartphone these days.  Everything runs using a whole new launch of TouchWiz along with the Android 6 Marshmallow operating system.

Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 reveals a revolutionary redesign into the leading Samsung Galaxy S collection. It has a renewed give attention to advanced looks and innovative specifications, consisting of the power of supporting a Quad HD display, a much better 16MP camera, and ultimately very rapid UFS 2. It is well equipped with the primarily based internal storage space beginning from the 32 GB and available up to 128 GB. The Galaxy S6 operates on Android 5. Lollipop with the entire corporation’s proprietary TouchWiz skin on the top, and it’ll function as the first 64-bit Samsung flagship, approaching outfitted having a homemade Octa-Core chip and much more.

Key Differences

  • Unlike the Galaxy S6, the Built-in storage of the Galaxy S7 is (64-GB) that can be enhanced because of the addition of the card slot.
  • The processor of the Galaxy S7 is (Samsung Exynos 8890) and the processor of the Galaxy S6 is (Exynos 7 Octa 7420).
  • RAM of the Galaxy S7 is (4096-MB) and RAM of the Galaxy S6 is (3072-MB).
  • Operating System of the Galaxy S7 is (Android (6.0)), and Operating System of the Galaxy S6 is (Android (5.1, 5.0) TouchWiz UI).
  • Camera for the Galaxy S7 is (5MP front, 12MP rear) and camera for the Galaxy S6 is (front 5MP and the rear is 16 MP).
  • The dimension of the Galaxy S7 is (142.4mm x 69.6 mm x 7.9 mm) and dimension of the Galaxy S6 is (143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm).
  • The weight of the Galaxy S7 is (152 grams) and weight of the Galaxy S6 is (138 grams).
  • The battery capacity of the Galaxy S7 is (3000-mAh) and the battery capacity of the Galaxy S6 is (2550-mAh).

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