Difference between Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

Main Difference

The basic distinction between the Note 7 and Samsung’s S7 handsets significant? The Note 7 packs a powerful 64GB of space, which is twofold the measure of inner memory as the benchmark S7 and S7 Edge. When it is insufficient to fit your whole Stones gathering, however, the Note 7 — like the S7 and S7 edge — has a MicroSD card space that can suit cards up to 256GB in size. Practically, the battery is same as both, and backings various remote charging norms and quick reviving. That being the situation, there’s no unmistakable victory here. The Note 7 is the unmistakable battery victory contrasted with the S7. However the preferred standpoint isn’t so obvious with the S7 Edge. We don’t anticipate a victory, however, as 100mAh is unimportant. Whatever remains of the Note 7’s parts reflect those of the S7 arrangement. The Note 7, similar to the S7 telephones, has a unique mark sensor, alongside the same spinner, accelerometer, nearness sensor, compass, gauge, and oxygen immersion modules that can be found on the S7 and S7 Edge. The Note 7’s remote network isn’t any diverse, either. The handset has double band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 and is perfect with every single real bearer in the United States.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The company of the Samsung made the stylus cool again with the principal S Pen, and the most recent one is better than anyone might have expected. The Galaxy Note 7’s stylus underpins 4,096 purposes of weight, which is twofold the sum that most stylesh offer. That implies more weight affectability, so the S Pen will know whether to make a crude scarcely discernible difference or an intense strike. Additional precision will surely speak to specialists, but on the other hand it’s advantageous to note takers. The pen tip is nearer to ballpoint size, as well, at 0.7mm. It doesn’t drag, either. So the S Pen slides easily over the surface when you’re composing or drawing. Samsung likewise made the S Pen water safe with an IP68 rating, so you can compose submerged.

Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Edge is what Samsung Edge family ought to have been from the earliest starting point. It joins top notch strength (and the intermittent hiccup) with an exquisite showcase, all wrapped in an appealing bundle. The thing is, the Edge’s huge draw is still its striking configuration. The product that tries to exploit the bent screen still feels gimmicky. Samsung’s architects rather started refining a year ago recipe, smoothing unpleasant edges and making the new S7 and S7 Edge feel seriously distinctive. Spoiler alarm: It worked, and anybody notwithstanding considering another Android telephone needs to consider owning one of these things. But, for all the cleaning Samsung has done, this S7 kin miss the mark concerning distinct advantage region – this is a year of watchful, intelligent redesigns.

Key Differences

  • If an iris-filtering sensor, a stylus, a USB Type-C connector, 64GB of capacity, and a battery of an average size get a drink, the Note 7’s most likely justified regardless of the premium expense. However, in the occasion that none of that truly engages you, then consider the S7 Edge first.
  • The note 7 has bigger dimensions.
  • The weight of the S7 edge is less.
  • Screen-to-body ratio in Samsung note 7 is 80.94% that is higher than that of the S7 edge’s 76.09%.
  • Graphics processors of both the Samsung models are not alike.
  • Built-in storage in note 7 is 64GB that is less than S7 Edge’s 32GB.

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