Difference between Rucksack Backpack and Knapsack

Main Difference

As the name speaks itself, from the word of backpack, we mean a sack the main use of it is to carry on the back of the user. It contains various items inside it just according to the requirements of the user. It is an open truth that if you carry the items on your back rather than carrying them in a handbag, your burden will become less because bearing the larger weights over the back for a longer time is much easier as compared to hold them on one of your shoulder or in front of your body. The term of the backpack was introduced in US in the early part of the 20th century and from that time, it is familiar worldwide. The word of the Rucksack was originated in Germany. The rucksack is a combination of ruck which means back in German language and the sack which means a bag or sac in German language. The German words the knappen that means “to bite” and the sack are responsible for the creation of the word knapsack. The backpacks are those types of bags the main objective of which are to carry on the back of the consumer. In most of the cases, the backpack is made of cloth and contains two straps used for securing the bag over the shoulders of the user. The shape of the rucksack is square soft pack having two shoulder straps. The size of the rucksack is usually large. The people who are fond of camping, hiking or trekking use it. A small size backpack is known as the knapsack. The shape of the knapsack is square and made of canvas, nylon, or leather in most of the cases.


One of the square soft packs is called a rucksack. The size of the rucksack is large having two shoulder straps to provide proper support for the user. In the situation when you wish to initiate the camping, hiking or trekking tasks, having the rucksack is very useful for these objectives. The pockets in different sizes in the rucksack will allow you to keep small items in. In order to secure the sleeping bags, an essential part of the camping, the belts are present in the rucksacks.


Every bag that can be carried on one’s back is called the backpack. The material of most of the backpacks is the cloth. Two straps are present for providing secure way to the bag over the shoulders of the user. Using the backpack is ideal if you wish to carry heavy loads or equipment without difficulty as it allows you to take more than 10kg weight. These are the padded hip belts which offloads most of the weight giving very less weight to the shoulders straps.


The small sized backpacks are generally known as the knapsacks. The knapsacks are also come in front of you in the shape of a square bag. The materials utilized in most of the knapsacks are the canvas, nylon, or leather. You will find two shoulder straps in a knapsack just like the backpacks. The sizes of these straps are much smaller than that of the regular backpacks. The knapsacks are not meant for long journey as they are made for everyday use and thus, not ideal for heavy weight. The day hikes, day trips and the day treks are the using occasions of the knapsack as it holds the essentials only.

Key Differences

  • Size of the backpack is large and ideal for heavy weight. Rucksacks are also big containing lots of options. A knapsack is small in size.
  • For containing heavy weights, backpack is perfect, for having lots of options such as in the camping, rucksack is used, and for taking only the essentials, the knapsack is employed.
  • Backpacks are generally made of cloth, canvas, nylon, or leather is used for knapsack, and the rucksack is a square soft pack.

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