Difference between Pants and Trousers

Main Difference

From the point of view of the Americans, the shorts or underwear are the garments that are closer to the pants as they are called in England. The Pants are made for men just like the panties are for women. But the pants are neither that tight nor that short as compared to the panties. The pants don’t have the feature of covering the most of the area of the man’s body starting from the hips and down to the legs. Quite the opposite, the Trousers will come in front of you in the shape of long piece of clothing that will be relaxed in nature. It is the function of the trousers to cover a greater portion of men’s body down from hip to just on top of the feet of the men. This kind of apparel is termed as trouser pants by the Americans.


When you check the Victorian England style, you will come to know that the pants referred to a piece of clothing meant to cover the hip area down from the waist. Most of the time, the major function of the pants is to cover the groin area as well. Usually, Pants are designed for wearing in private only and for the sake of going outside, the men utilized the services of another piece of clothe known as trousers to cover the pants. As an outcome, you can say that the pants are the very short piece of clothe the main purpose of which is to cover the genital parts of the men just like panties for women. The pants are not as tighter as those panties are. The major difference of the underwear and pants is very simple as the pants are longer than that of underwear.


After checking the point of view of Americans, their thoughts are flexible when comes to definitions of trousers and pants. The appearance of the pants is resembled with the underwear having long size. The trousers are long in size covering both the legs but leave the feet. The main purpose of the trousers is to cover the area below the waist and above the feet. The Americans like to call trousers pants instead of trousers and pants as for them, there is underwear or shorts are available for using pants. On the other hand, the Britain people give the name of pants to any cloth that is underwear or underpants for Americans. Because of this fact, lots of Britons make laughed at Americans.

Key Differences

  • The people belong to UK have decided to call any Clothe that is underwear for Americans. From the term of trousers in UK, it is apparel which is more relaxed and can cover the lower parts of the body starting from the waist but above the feet.
  • The Americans employ the word of pants what is meant for the trousers for UK people. For the Americans, the Britons word of pants has the alternate of Shorts.
  • The Pants which are called shorts by the American people are used in private and the trousers which are named pants by the Americans are utilized above the pants for going outside.
  • The main reason for using pants (shorts or underwear for Americans) is to cover the genitals of the men. On the other hand, the main motive for utilizing the trousers (trousers pants for Americans) is to cover the pants (Shorts for Americans).

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