Difference between Leadership and Management

Main Difference

The main difference between management and leadership is, management is a set of an organization that keeps the system running and functioning, it manages the whole system. Leadership is very different from management, it is about adhering people to the vision, to lead them in a manner which could prove beneficial for those people.


Leadership is quite different from management because it denotes to the people who make people follow them. Leaders. As they say, leaders are born, not made. But its a myth. Hard work is the very accurate key to success. Dignity, honesty, confidence and leadership qualities, are all required to make great leaders. Leadership is not thought in the lap of mother but it is adopted and practiced by people who wants to own it. Leaders make people follow them, they make rules. They set up principles. They have the empowerment.  Leaders have an utmost ability to challenge the opposite party with great courage, they inspire their team by making them understand about every single aspect.


Management is carried out by the managers, of course. A management establishes rules, they work on operating procedures and on setting standards.  A correct balance between management and leadership is much needed in order to create a good environment within any sort of organization. Managers have sub-ordinates, they are even able to execute a vision and the have an ability to direct people. To manage people is a great task of responsibility. Managers have to look into every single matter, very keenly and be good observant.

Key Differences

  • The focus of a leader is towards leading people while the main focus of a manager is towards managing the work.
  • Leaders have followers, while managers have sub-ordinates.
  • Horizon of a leader is long term while horizon, that of a manager is short term as compared to a leader.
  • A leader seeks vision but a manager seek objectives.
  • The approach of a leader is towards setting directions and that of a manager is towards making plans.
  • Persuasion of a leader is transformational while that of a manager is transactional.
  • A leader likes to strive, while a manager likes action.
  • Leadership is about taking risks while management is about minimizing risks.
  • Leadership is about seeking the truth and management is about establishing the truth.

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