Difference between Kurtas and Kurtis

Main Difference

With the passage of time, everyone wants to look graceful and conscious about his or her looks for which dressing plays a vital role. Dressing sense makes you more stylish. There is a wide range of clothes with different styles like shalwar kameez, dhoti kurta, kutra pajama, etc. Here we discuss Kurta and Kurti. On the whole, from the term of kurta, we mean a dressing designed for men. In Asian countries kurta is considered as a traditional dress for men by and large. But at the present time, the kurta is designed for both men and women and in the case of women, it is known as the Kurti. Kurta is a loose fitted shirt which is just below and above from the knees of the person. Kurta is a collarless shirt, but in this modern time, there is a different variety in the field of stitching style and collar is available for Kurta as well. Kurta is a casual and comfortable dress by nature. Kurti is a short style of kurta. Women mostly loved to wear kurti with jeans, tights, shalwar, pajama and other sort of dressing. Normally, kurti have three lengths.


There is a different style of clothes for men or women which are available in the Indian and Paskistani style of dressing. Kutra is a very beautiful and customary dress. Basically, the shape of the kurta is just like a loose shirt that contains different styles and available in both the long or short sizes. On average, the length of kurta is just below or above from the knees of the wearer. Kurta is very popular in Pakistan, India, but now kurta is also very popular in Western and Middle Eastern countries in addition. Kurta is a traditional dress for men and it’s a very comfortable clothing. But now men and women both use kurta. Kurta is basically the word of Urdu and accurately mean the “collarless shirt’. Kurta is a popular combination with the churidar, pajama, Shalwar, jeans and dhotis or more. These days, a lot of fashion designers are making the kurta in varies style for movie stars, models and general public due to the increasing demand of various sorts of Kurta. There is a dissimilar kind of fabric which use for making a different kurta style like in summer season cotton, silk or loan stuff is very comfortable and in winter thick stuff like khaddar, wool is good for the wearer. In order to enhance the appearance of the kurta, you can also use different styles of buttons (metal or wooden) have embroidery on it to make it to make it more elegant, stylish and pleasing to the eye. There is a different variety in kurta style like kalidar kurta, embroidery kurta, straight cut kurta or many more. In short, the kurta is a complete traditional dress which is comfortable and can also use in different events like simple kurta use in daily life and modify kurta in functions. Old age and young one both like kurta.


Kurti is basically a short version of kurta that is basically utilized by women. In western countries, kurti is also known as Tunic. Kurti is mostly worn by the women and this is the major reason that it is popular as a traditional dress for women. In Asian countries such as Pakistan, India, it’s always use for fashion. Kurti is all time favorite outfits for any age group of women because it is a very comfortable outfit and is well furnished with different styles in addition. Especially in India working women and college going girls like to wear kurti with jeans and different style of bottoms, and housewives also like kurti for making their bodies, relax, comfortable, stylish and fashionable. The best combination of Kurtis will be made if the user utilizes it with jeans particularly from the fashion point of view. Kurti is a perfect outfit for any event. Mostly, the kurtis are available in three lengths like a little bit above from knees, waist length and below the hips. And it depends on your body shape that which kind of Kurti can suits you the best. There is a different variety of kurti is available in long and short sizes like Anarkali and Kalidar kurti style that are perfect for party wear. You also wear kurti with skirt, bottoms, jeans and shalwar, etc. It’s depending on your kurti length that which combination is perfect for you.

Key Differences

  • Basically, kurta is for men to wear and kurti is for women to wear.
  • Kurta is a loose fitted shirt, whereas kurti is a short style of kurta.
  • Kurta normally stitch in two lengths and kurti normally stitch in three lengths.

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