Difference between JPG and JPEG

Main Difference

The terminology of the JPEG means the Joint Photographic Expert Group while from the term of the JPG we mean the jay-peg. The file extension that is used for a JPEG image is .jpg or .jpeg. Computers treat either format (“.jpg” or “.jpeg”) as the same type of file. There is no essential difference between JPG and JPEG, excluding for the number of characters used which are dissimilar in each case. The two terms have the same meaning and therefore can be utilized interchangeably. The Joint Photographic Expert Group File Format can also be saved with the upper-case ‘.JPEG’ and ‘.JPG’ file extensions, which are less common, but also accepted. Jpg and .jpeg are distinct file families that are usually combined into one JPEG-handling association.


JPEG knows for Joint Photographic Expert Group. JPEG is the most frequently used extension for photographs in most of the situations. It is definitely good for color image photographs or for images with many mixtures or slopes. However, it is not the greatest with sharp edges and force lead to a little confusion. This is mainly because JPEG is a way of loss density for digital image photography. This means that while storing the image in a JPEG extension (format), there is a minor loss of quality due to compression. Hence, JPEG is not the greatest extension in the case when any person needs to keep making a lot of edits and re-saves (storing) to the image as with each re-save, there a minor loss of quality due to compression. Still, if one only makes a few changes and the image are saved in a high quality format, the minor loss of quality due to compression is mainly insignificant. The JPEG file extension is used in the Macintosh (MAC) operating system because it allows four letter file format, so ‘.jpeg’ used by Mac users all over the globe.


Jpg pronounced as jay-peg. At the present day, the most commonly known and used extension is the ‘.jpg’, all over the world because lots of Windows users utilize it very frequently. In a huge number of the imaging applications, like the Adobe Photoshop, storing all the JPEG files with a “.jpg” format is a common practice on both Mac operating system and Windows operating system, in a try to avoid confusion. The original file extension (format) for the Joint Photographic Expert Group File (JPEG) Format is ‘.jpeg’; on the other hand, in Windows operating system, all the files are required to have a three letter file extension. So, the file extension is reduced to ‘.jpg’ for the users of Windows. On the other side, the Macintosh (MAC) operating system is not restricted to three letter file format, so ‘.jpeg’ is used by the Mac users. There is a clear loss of quality image at the time when the users zoom in on a JPG image. The effects of JPG compression have been seriously exaggerated in the image to show the loss of quality that occurs.

Key Differences

  • JPG “.jpg” used in windows operating system because limited files extension (format) only three digits but in Mac operating system allow four digits for file extension (format) like “.jpeg”.
  •  There is no actual difference between JPG and JPEG, excluding for the number of characters used in the JPEG image format.
  • The size of the JPEG is less due to the effect of the compression that makes it to employ a few MB of data only. In contrast, the jpg used more storage as compared to the JPEG file.
  •  The major users of the JPEG file formats have the Mac devices while the JPG file format is usually employed by the users of Windows.

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