Difference between Jailbreaking and Unlocking iPhone

Main Difference

Both of these terminologies are related to iPhone and the main difference between jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone is, in jailbreaking iPhone firmware is modified to allowed to run files that normally Apple wouldn’t allow you to. It adds unofficial applications to your iPhone, via AppStore like Cydia, which allows you to download apps which AppStore wouldn’t allow you to. While on the other hand, unlocking an iPhone means to remove SIM restrictions on the modem allowing the use of iPhone on any carrier. Two types of iPhone unlock systems are there, software unlock and hardware unlock.

Jailbreaking iPhone

If you go for jailbreaking your iPhone then you can install such applications which Apple doesn’t normally allow you to. Such applications which are not approved by Apple. Jailbreak helps you in customizing your iPhone, by adding and applying new graphics, designs, layouts to your iPhone. But jailbreaking your iPhone voids the guarantee of your iPhone, this is not among the perks of jailbreaking your iPhone. In the past, some unstable and non profession methods were used for jailbreaking iPhones which used to convert those iPhones into iBrick. But now a days, very stable methods are used which are safe to a higher degree. Jailbreaking is now officially legal in US. Most iPhone users think that it’s right to whatever they want with your iPhone, like jailbreaking. But I’m an iPhone user, too and I personally think that jailbreaking disrupts the originality of your iPhone. Your iPhone becomes slow. And if that would’ve been the best, Apple would’ve included it in our iPhones itself.

Unlocking iPhone

Unlocking an iPhone is the removal of SIM restrictions so that you can use any carrier in any part of the world. Software unlocking is more safer than the hardware one. Software unlock do not tend to modify your iPhone and can be reversed. On the other hand, hardware unlocks are tricky and more expensive. Unlocking has all the advantages as unlocked iPhone has better resell value because you can easily use a different service provider but if you don’t intend to use your iPhone internationally then there’s no use to unlock your iPhone, it’s worthless in that case. The problem at hand is, before unlocking your iPhone, you’d have to jailbreak it. It could be done from either computer or iPhone as well. Unlocking your iPhone could even mess up your settings sometimes but if something really goes wrong then you restore your factory settings.

Key Differences

  • Jailbreaking means, we can install any third party application on our iPhones. Unlocking your iPhone means that you can use any SIM card on it.
  • An unlocked iPhone has a better resell value.
  • There are two types of unlocking, software and hardware. Jailbreaking is only of one sort.
  • Jailbreaking can change the look and graphics of your iPhone. Unlocking your iPhone do not add these perks to your device.
  • You can unlock your iPhone once your iPhone is jailbroken.

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