Difference between Head Of State and Head Of Government

Main Difference

Head of state, head of government, president, prime minister, chief minister, etc are the terms which are used for the official persons of the government who are authorized according to respective constitution or electoral system to run the country. As we know that each government official person in the country performs his duties according to powers and authorities given by constitution or parliament of said country.

Head Of State

Head of state is the most powerful person in government hierarchy of command and power. Head of state can be a president as well as prime minister. In some countries prime minister is considered as the head of state while in some countries president is the head of state. Either head of state is president or prime minister in both cases said authority has more power in the country. He can appoint as well as terminate a federal minister as well. Every kind of bill passed by senate or national assembly is useless without the signature of head of state.

Head Of Government

Head of government denotes the second highest official person in the government hierarchy after head of state. If president is head of state then prime minister will be head of government, if prime minister is head of state then deputy prime minister will be head of government. It can be at federal level as well as provincial level in form of governor or chief minister. At provincial level, governor or chief minister is considered as head of government in a said province. It performs all those functions and authorities at provincial level as a performed by head of state at federal level. Powers and authorities relations of head of state and head of provinces are almost same. If president is head of state then governor will be the head of government at provincial level. On other hand if prime minister is the head of state then at provincial level then chief minister will be the head of governor at provincial level.

Key Differences

  • Head of state represents the whole state while head of government represents a specific province or in some cases is considered as the second or vice head of state.
  • Head of state either he is president or prime minister enjoys more power and authorities than head of government.
  • A person who is the head of state can be head of government as well as in case of kingdom and dictatorial government while head of government lies below the head of state in case of public government.
  • If more power are given to prime minister then he will be considered as the person running the government and nature of head state will be of ceremonial and symbolic.

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