Difference between Goals and Objectives

Key Difference

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you have no plan, you plan to fail”. Goals, objectives, targets and missions are those motivating factors, which motivates you for the achievement of your final destination. Whenever you wants to accomplish a task or project, it is better to set an objective or goal. Both are important for individuals and organizations. After understanding the difference between two, you will come to know why both are so important for success.


Goals are those long term planning, projects or tasks, which you want to see in accomplished form in future. I want to make my name in accounting and finance field, our cricket team should be the best cricket team of the world, I want to see my country the most prosperous country of the world, etc. are some few examples of goals. One important thing about goal is that it is an ongoing activity. You have to still work after attaining your destination. Statistics and facts will measures the achievement of your goal. If you succeed in achieving your aim that does not means all the efforts comes to end. Goal is like a virtue and you have to increase its value till death.


Objectives are the midterm and short term plans, which we set to achieve something in short time period. Every day when we woke up, different works and tasks are in our mind that we have to do. I have to made my assignment and submit it to lecturer is a personal objective. If you submitted the assignment, your objective is complete. We have to achieve the sale target of 1 million in next month is kind of company objective. In short, objective will always shows accomplish form. Setting a goal is not enough if it is not supported by small objectives. Companies and businessman knows the importance of short term planning.

Key Differences

  • Goal is the part of long term planning while objective is set for short term period.
  • Goal success and achievement can be measured but it can never be accomplished while objective always complete and end with a result.
  • Due to long term nature goal often results in lack of motivation and inspiration. Workers will initially feels courage and later on forget about goal with the passage of time. Objective is a good medium for motivation because it is in the mind of employees that after certain days they have to report.
  • Goals are more important than objectives. Goals are the slogans of a company and are written in the charter of an organization while objective place is always on notice board or brochures.
  • Goals are always required to be remembered. There is no importance of objective whenever it completed.
  • Goals are independent on objectives. Goals are like a roof and objectives are like a ladder, which helps to reach at the roof.

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