Difference between Gammon and Ham

Main Difference

Ham is a pig’s hind leg, or dried (or a combination of these) first cut off the carcass and then smoked, salted for preservation. Gammon also comes from the posterior leg and cut off after wards but it is cured as part of a side of the bacon. The Gammon is generally cured more slowly may be smoked separately or left un-smoked does not keep for as long as ham, but have a strong ham flavor it is not matured extended sufficient. Though the flesh meant for further cooking some hams are parched over several months in order to make it preserve. Hams may also be having been salted smoked over a slow fire some such as Parma and Bayonne the ‘raw’ preserved state hams are simply eaten in .The different types of wood used, will each produce a distinctive flavor such as the beech, juniper or oak. Un-smoked hams are also having a milder flavor known as green hams. You can buy an uncooked whole ham from lots of stores. The ham is sold cooked and sliced to bake as a special dish, and is used for salads and sandwiches, or it just needs to be heated in recipes included where It is sold in joints, rashers, or steaks for cooking at home.


Ham is quite simply another term which is used for a cooked gammon by and large. It is known as the Gammon ham for the slices from as well. Ham is often flavored specialist coatings during the cooking process along the honey, or mustard a brown sugar glaze. The meat from the hind legs of a pig Impartial like gammon is called the Ham. However, it is processed first, and then it reaches the public in a specific shape that is not sold rare to people. In addition, it is not really related with any special occasion like Christmas. When you search the market, you will obtain a collection of two types of ham namely smoked hams and green hams. Just as the name suggests, before being sold to the general public, the former of the two types is smoked. On the other hand, with smoking the latter has got nothing to do and is sold as it is. The ham is traditionally served in the form of omelets, pies and quiches in addition to the savory scones and muffins sandwiches and salads. No matter in which form do you utilize it, it’s great combined with pasta.


The pig hind legs that has been cured in the same way as bacon Gammon is the name given to this kind of meat. Bacon is the meat which cut from the parts of the glutton other than the legs, such as the loin, lapel or the belly Gammon. On the whole, the Gammon is beef meat which is cooked on special occasions like as Christmas. It is cured before being sold raw to people and it is divided into pieces in most of the situations and then sold by the butchers. If it is cooked with the good recipe then is really tasty and delicious.

Key Differences

  • The main difference between gammon and ham is that it is the gammon which needs to be cooked will be sold raw and ham is sold cooked or dry-cured and ready for eating.
  • Gammon can be hard to find, if they sell traditional British cuts but is available from specialist butchers It is possible to buy because most people prefer to buy ham that is pre-cooked, sliced and ready to eat a raw ham joint to cook at home
  • The most common difference between ham and gammon is that the later cannot be eaten straightaway after being purchased.

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