Difference between Animal Cell and Plant Cell

Main Difference

Plant and animal cell has many similarities as well as differences. the main difference between an animal and a plant cell is, animal cells lack a cell wall or chloroplast. Plant cells do have a cell wall and chloroplast. Plant cells are rectangular in shape and they are fixed while animal cells are irregular and round. They are both eukaryotic cells  and both comprise of a cell membrane, mitochondria, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes and many more organelles.

Animal Cell

In animal cells, cell wall is absent and chloroplast is also lacking. It is comparatively smaller in size and changes its shape. Animal cells are known to contain many vacuoles and these vacuoles are smaller than those present in plant cell. Outermost boundary of an animal cell is made up of a plasma membrane. Centrioles are present in animal cells and they are involved in the manufacture of spindle apparatus during the process of cell division. A cleavage is formed during the process of reproduction, which is responsible for the separation of daughter cells.  Constrictions start to appear from periphery to the center and these constriction finally result in the separation. Glycogen is stores in the animal cell and lysosomes are present, too.

Plant Cell

Plant cell has a cell wall which is made up of cellulose and is the outermost boundary of the cell. This cell also possess chloroplast for carrying out the process of photosynthesis. They have large vacuoles as compared to the small vacuoles of an animal cell. During the process of cell division, daughter cells are separated into two by the formation of a cell plate. This cell plate grows from center to the periphery between two daughter cells. Starch is stored in plant cells.

Key Differences

  • Plant cell possess cellulose in its cell wall but animal cell does not.
  • Plant cell has chloroplast but animal cell does not.
  • Mature plant cells has a large vacuole but animal cells have small vacuoles.
  • Animal cells store glycogen but plant cells store starch.
  • Lysosome is preset in animal cell but absent in plant cell.
  • Cleavage furrow is formed during the process of reproduction, in animal cell. Cell plate is formed for the separation of daughter cell in the case of plant cell.
  • Centrioles are present in animal cell which are responsible for the formation of spindle apparatus but centrioles are absent in plant cell.

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