Difference between Motrin and Ibuprofen

Main Difference Several types of drugs become available in the market that has the same usage but has some differences between them. They become critical when we have to take the exact dosage, and therefore, it becomes necessary to know the variations between Motrin and Ibuprofen. Motrin is an anti-inflammatory drug that gets considered as […]

Difference between Security and Privacy

Main Difference At first glance, security and privacy looks like a same for the reason that both relates to protection of something. Many people argue that both are the same things and interrelate with each other, but many negate this statement. However, in reality some difference between security and privacy exists. Before solving this complex […]

Difference between Linux and Windows

Main Difference Both Windows and Linux are Operating systems with their own advantages and differ in functionality and user friendliness. The Linux kernel is developed by the community. Linus Torvalds, the original author of Linux, oversees things. Microsoft created the Windows operating system, but allows other computer manufactures to distribute their own computers with Windows […]

Difference between KMPlayer and VLC Player

Main Difference The main difference that exist between KMPlayer and VLC Player is that KMPlayer is not portable and not open source while VLC Player has both qualities. KMPlayer KMPlayer is a freeware and adware media player for Windows Operating System the can play various number of format. It was released on October 1, 2002 […]

Difference between UN and NATO

Main Difference They are the two main organizations which are heard about on the news and have different roles which they play in the world. The main difference between them is explained by the name perhaps with the United Nations, an organization that helps to bring all the countries together and giving them a platform […]

Difference between Sunni and Wahabi

Main Difference The main difference between Sunni and Wahabi is that Sunni show extra respect for the prophet Muhammad while Wahabi also respects the Prophet Muhammad but have the belief that He should be respected as a human being only. Comparison Chart Basis of Distinction Sunni Wahabi Definition Sunni refers to those Muslims who follow […]

Difference between Organic and Inorganic

Main Difference Organic and Inorganic are the branches of chemistry. Organic compounds are made up of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and their derivatives. Compounds other than organic compounds are called Inorganic compounds and they don’t carry Carbon atoms mostly. Organic compounds are mostly associated with living things and inorganic compounds are mostly associated with non-living things. […]

Difference between Process and Thread

Main Difference Thread and Process are strongly related words in multi-threading and the major difference among Thread and Process in is that Threads are elements of the process. Another most important difference between Process and Thread is that every process has its individual separate memory space other than Threads from equal process equal memory space. […]

Difference between Samsung Note 5 and Note 4

Main Difference Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are the brands of Samsung Galaxy series. As Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the newer version as compare to that of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. There are many similarities among these two but also there are differences between the two. Both of them have […]

Difference between Web Service and WCF

Main Difference There are some key contrasts between Web services and WCF services. Web services are utilized to fabricate applications that can send/get messages utilizing SOPA over HTTP. Be that as it may, WCF is for building dispersed applications to trade messages utilizing SOAP and any vehicle convention like HTTP, TCP, named channels, and Microsoft […]